How To Care For Your Hardwood Floors

Posted September 13, 2015
Written by Jeremiah Castillo

In the modern day world, many people are beginning to embrace hardwood floors in their homes. Although its installation is quite easy, it is important to keep the floor as good as new. This is an aspect that calls for some imminent procedural activities that help in keeping your hardwood floor as good as new.

Floor Cleaning

One aspect of hardwood floor care is regular cleaning. Just like any other floor, it is important to maintain high cleanliness levels of your floor if you are to have the floor remain at its best. Grit and dirt should be frequently removed from your floor to prevent it from getting scratched. To reduce dust on the floor, it is important to always have it swept to as to prevent the occurrence of stains that arise from the dust. Vacuuming is the most preferred method of dust removal compared to sweeping since it allows for the removal of dust between the floor boards.

Floor Refinishing

Resurfacing worn out floors can be a good way to capture your hardwood floor’s original beauty, glamour and value. Floor refinishing is a home improvement activity that can be done on a house with shabby floors to improve its appearance. One way to refinish your hardwood floors is by sanding. With the help of a drum sander, you can easily keep your hardwood floor as smooth as possible.

After the dusting process, you can clean the dust and dirt. After that, you can apply a sealer, either water-based urethane or polyurethane. This substance acts as a protective barrier for your floor. It penetrates the wood and protects it from within. When applying a sealer, it is important to heed to all the manufacturers instructions for safety and realization of your floor desires.


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