Doors are not only a means to enter and exit your home, they should also provide security, style and energy efficiency. WillowTree offers lifetime solutions whether you need a front door, interior door, garage door or patio door.
There are tons of variations when it comes to door styles. The possibilities are endless with sliding doors, hinged doors, bi-fold doors, French doors and so much more. You can choose doors that open forward or backward for various practical reasons or even double-acting doors that swing out in both directions.
Choosing the best style door for your home heavily depends on the purpose of the door. There are many considerations in choosing a patio, entry, security or screen/storm door. Choosing the right door is important for your home so learn all you can to make educated decisions.
Doors, especially exterior ones, are important to homeowners for a variety of reasons. They create an impression of aesthetics of the interior and exterior of the home. Doors are an important part of your home’s look and may be warm and inviting, blend with the style of your home or make a bold statement.
Open doors allow ventilation and light into a room while closed doors offer privacy and security. Doors help to control the temperature and air flow of a room by preventing or facilitating air drafts. Doors also act as a barrier to noise. One important but much overlooked feature of doors is their prevention of the spread of fire.
Considering the importance of a door, do your research to find the right material and style for your home then consult with an expert here at WillowTree.
-       Purpose
-       Style
-       Size
-       Material
-       Insulation
-       Security
-       Durability
-       Color and Texture
-       Accessories (locks, glass panels, transoms, doorknobs, etc.)